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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Aug 8, 2011 11:55pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDI Very Sad H (Aug 9, 1995)

Deborah Koons. I gather that, from her perspective, they'd been planning to make a trip to India where she'd have done filmmaking, so it made some kind of sense to her, and Bob went along with it.

There's a neat philosophy behind the concept. All Hindu bodies are cremated and the ashes, ideally, scattered in a way that will feed into the ocean to join with all ashes of the past and as a recognition of the joining of the soul into the oneness of the cosmic ocean. The sacred Ganges feeds into the ocean and is itself fed by the pure rivers of the Himalayas, which flow from the home on Mt Kailash of Shiva, god of the destruction that is inseparable from creation (and a rather wild character fond of ganja and defying conventions.) Pretty transcendent and all, but I never noticed anything Hindu about Jerry and he never went to India.

Apparently it was actually before the SF Bay ceremony. I didn't realize that until I checked McNally's book just now:

"Early in April 1996 Weir and Deborah went to Benares, India, to scatter a small portion of the ashes in the Ganges. Being a filmmaker, Deborah naturally hired a local film crew to record the proceedings, and news of the event spread swiftly from Indian newspapers to the United States. Though Weir later swore that he had tried to call Annabelle before his departure, the news hit Garcia's daughters and ex-wife, M.G., with a devastating impact, for they were convinced that all the ashes had been strewn and that they'd been totally excluded from the memorial ritual."

GEEZ. Can people communicate worse?!?

The rest of the ashes were scattered about two weeks later, on April 15, 1996. I expect we've all read what an awful scene that was. Phil has a story in his book about some of the ashes apparently ending up on his wife's handkerchief (she'd lent it to someone who'd wiped up ashes that dashed against the boat), and her finding them in her pocket on a school trip to an organic farm and burying them there. So the last ashes ended up, I guess, feeding a garlic field.

May the four winds blow you safely home ...

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Poster: polarized blue Date: Aug 9, 2011 1:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDI Very Sad H (Aug 9, 1995)

In the driveway. My housemate (and also drummer in my band and a lifelong friend since age 6) was just heading to work when I was just getting home with my 2 brothers. The news was just coming in on his car radio- he had heard it an hour before. We all went to spend the summer in Valentine, Nebraska to "woodshed". We were just starting the band up and had an offer to stay at a friend's cattle ranch with studio space in a converted barn. We drove our 1971 GMC Schoolbus RV cross country from Florida to New Hampshire to meet up with the drummer and also to get repairs done on the bus before heading West. My brothers had jobs cutting and raking the hay on the ranch, and my friend and I had chef jobs at a local steak house. On Aug 9th, we had all just been on a staff and friends trip to innertube 7 miles down the Niobrara River and what a fun day that was probably about 20 of us all together. Also from the pickup place most of us rode on the back of the trailer with the innertubes through the sandhills and a wild buffalo herd preserve. Our drummer friend raced home ahead of us to get ready for work as we helped put away the tubes and have a beer. It was good fun that day, only to be followed by the sad and tragic news of Jerry's passing. We had all been to a few shows through the years, but I was the one who had a bigger tape collection. I can't remember right now which tapes we listened to, but I know for my part there were a few tears when I thought about the loss to the world of music, to the band and all the deadheads. I have a lot of happy memories of the shows I saw and also of listening to all those tapes with my circle of friends early in the morning to late, late at night. The last song I heard them play was Brokedown Palace, and sometimes when I hear a good version it still hits me in a soft spot of my heart.

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Poster: robthewordsmith Date: Aug 9, 2011 5:37am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: scattered like lost words

This is part of a report from the Independent, a British newspaper, dated April 8 1996:

Garcia was cremated soon after his death last August but for Mr Weir that ceremony had been too public, too garish. "That was for Jerry the star. Not for my brother," he said. The idea of sprinkling Garcia's ashes in the Ganges came to him in a dream. Weir said he dreamt of a smiling and gnomish-looking Garcia who was wearing purple robes, floating above a river. Mr Weir next dreamt of himself doused with paint that made him invisible before his dead friend. "Jerry was too humble a guy to ever say put my ashes in the river, but I knew that's what he meant," Mr Weir told a friend. "Jerry wasn't saying anything in the dream, but he had that happy expression of his on his face." Weir took his suggestion to the other Dead members and to Garcia's wife, and they agreed.


After the immersion, Mr Weir, in his fifties, returned to Delhi. Waiting in a hotel for his flight back to the US, Mr Weir, with his short, grey hair, looked like a weary, middle-aged businessman who dreaded the gruelling flight ahead of him. He did not want to talk to the press about Garcia's last, strange trip. "There's nothing to say - the Grateful Dead is over," Mr Weir said.

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Poster: midnightcarousel Date: Aug 9, 2011 6:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDI Very Sad H (Aug 9, 1995)

I saw some interview with Bobby where he said it was his decision to put the ashes in the Ganges - he had a dream where Jerry told him to or something.